The goal of the “Read and Achieve Program” is to give students the reading time, individual attention, support, and guidance that is necessary to enable them to read at or above grade level upon their exit from the program.


  • Raise the reading scores of student participants.
  • Provide opportunities for students to access and socially interact with goal-driven adult role models.
  • Provide students with a safe after-school learning environment.
  • Help students become independent readers.
  • Provide children with practice in successful reading and writing activities.
  • Supplement daily classroom instruction.

Areas of Concentration


  1. Developing vocabulary
  2. Increasing word recognition
  3. Monitoring for understanding
  4. Summing up
  5. Identifying main idea
  6. Making connection
  7. Predicting
  8. Discerning important information
  9. Generating and answering questions


  1. Increasing accuracy
  2. Increasing rate
  3. Focusing on reason
  4. Pausing appropriately
  5. Monitoring oral reading
  6. Making word connections


  1. Building vocabulary directly and indirectly
  2. Learning word families
  3. Identifying word parts: affixes, prefixes, suffixes
  4. Identifying word parts: word roots, base words
  5. Utilizing context clues
  6. Using words in varied contexts
  7. Acknowledging multiple-meaning words
  8. Using dictionaries and other reference aids


  1. Identifying short vowels, digraphs
  2. Using vowel diphthongs
  3. Learning multi-syllabic words
  4. Using long vowel sounds; short vowel sounds
  5. Blending sounds to form words
  6. Breaking spoken words into sounds